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Amazed and honored!

About 3 seconds into this, I felt a wave of delicious refreshment. Awesome piece! You have a great sense of volume and perspective. Colors, design, composition, all top notch. Usually NGers hate stuff this short, but its a testament to your talent that it's being so well received. Bravo.

After watching, I read your Author comments and I must say, I am honored to be cited as an influence. Great job, man!


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scribblepit responds:

Oh wow. Thanks for all the flattering words! I can't believe you actually saw this. Incredible, thanks again!

Jazz kilt it!

S'apnin Young Jazz, good to see you're steady producing. That shit was top notch! Great way to establish the feel of the city and characters while staying funny/irreverent yet not anti-preachy. "See n***a? We feel you!" hahahaha! Priceless. Keep it up man, solid animation.

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JazLyte responds:

Oh snap, thanks man :) SickRonald's does feel you, n***a.


My mouth is watering. That was crazy well directed and composed. Solid chars and good animation. Effects could be better (but effects can always be better right?). I'm really looking forward to what you guys put out.

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NightShadowTWO responds:

heheh actually this was a one-man-job. most of the credits was nonsense.

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New graphics, old game

Swain, I love your work, you're incredibly funny/innovative. I expect more from you than simply a remake of a classic game with a couple extra jokes... The fun of the gameplay has been tested for years and years, mastermind still sells today. I don't think you took a risk, nor do I think you really expanded upon the original game. The dialogue was repetative (which is out of character) and I think you missed an opportunity to take mastermind to the next level (the character OR the game).

I look forward to your future work, but I'm opposed to voting up something that is 95% someone else's genius (Mordecai Meirowitz).

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Yea boi I loves it. Top notch stuff! Love that deep down bass.

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Thattixx, my mad

I love everything you do. I'm gonna need you when I make The Fights of Khale.

PS: I love Ratatat, I bet you do too =D.


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That bumbs so hard, that seriously made my day. Good jorb man, good jorb.

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Draw from life

Here, you've drawn from several very obvious styles. Make your own. Here's how:

Draw from life. Draw it how you see it, not how you think you see it. After you draw a whole bunch of shit you see, you will find out how you see. This is your style. Find it =).

nitrogyen responds:

si you mean like perspective?

I love animation. I love music. Leafworthy is where that comes together.

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